How Politics Affect Our Socialization


As a matter of fact, politics was an offshoot to our civilization especially when people lived with their king or leader. In addition to that, protecting their livelihood and territory is a necessity. But what began as a basic tool of administration has transformed to a source of power throughout the later part of our history. The truth is, religions have influence politics related decisions in some parts of the world.

As of late, there are many outfits that entered the arena and each claims that they’re ideology is more superior. Still, the purpose is the same which is to satisfy self motives and to satisfy people even though methods have changed. These days, modern politics have different shades that affect each and every one of us and those with the biggest impacts are discussed below.

Freedom – the suppression, misdeeds and exploitation of empires and dynasties have led to revolutions, uprising as well as necessity for self rule from florida politics. The emergence of political groups and consciousness for civil rights have strengthened the desire for freedom and independence from alien rulers. And through the use of political methods, there are many nations that were able to secure their freedom.

Rights of protection of workers are ensured by political parties, pressures of trade unions and agitation tactics. And through politics, some long pending issues were settled.

Source of employment – in absence of alternate opportunities and suitable jobs, many under employed and unemployed have taken politics as permanent livelihood means. With combination of hard work and perseverance, some have earned wealth via fluke and follies while some others have reached powers and tasted success at the same time.

Hereditary claim – there’s a reason for dynastic trends from florida political news and it is mainly because of the desire of political leaders to run parties by way of appointing children down to their grandchildren. This attitude was actually born from lust of power and greed and not for sake of public service. Though these leaders are preaching democracy, they want to keep control of the party. And for those who stand against them, they face personal intimidation or expulsion.

Ground for revenge – opponents form an alliance to be able to topple a common enemy. Forming new groups or joining the opposite party to avenge rivals is quite common for those who have suffered humiliation or expelled from an old party. At times, even factions in a party emerge from their ego and some other interests.

Business loss – politicians are willing to jeopardize the national economy by way of announcing populist measures like loan waivers, freebies, concessions as well as dilution of systems and rules an effort to win votes. It is businesses and public money that were the major victims of bad politics.


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